Best Place to Order Crab Online

Best Place to Order Crab Online

Updated: January 29, 2024

Crab is a favorite delicacy among many. It is laden with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and selenium and offers numerous health benefits. However, getting the best quality crab can be daunting. 

Most restaurants and crab joints rarely stock superior quality crabs. Luckily, Billy's Stone Crab allows clients to enjoy the freshest stone crabs. It is the best place to order crab online and offers families an exceptional restaurant dining experience.

Billy's Stone Crab - Hollywood Beach, FL

Billy's Stone Crab is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood in Ft. Lauderdale, Southern Florida. Its history dates back to 1975 as a seafood company offering retail and wholesale services. The seafood restaurant and market opened its doors in Miami in 1977 and later expanded to other areas.

Billy's Stone Crab offers a wide range of crabs and seafood. The crabs are ever fresh and are locally harvested in the Florida Keys. Although the Stone Crab Season runs from October to May, we allow crab lovers to enjoy tasty stone crab anywhere due to our fast online deliveries.

We run two fish houses in Marathon and Summerland Key in the Florida Keys. We have over 40 boats, ensuring a constant supply of fresh stone crabs.

We are involved in all the steps, making us stand out and guarantee high-quality products for our clients in Southern Florida, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas. Moreover, we sell various items, including grouper filet, snapper filet, Mahi filet, steaks, oysters, and clams.

Freshest Crabs and Seafood Online

 Shopping for seafood online is an opportunity for our clients to enjoy a gourmet dining experience from home. You may lack time to visit BSC but can place orders through our fresh crab delivery service.

Billy's Stone Crab is the best place to order crab online. We offer a wide range of crabs and seafood. Our selection includes:

  • Stone crabs by the pound
  • Florida lobster tails
  • Wild jumbo shrimp
  • Raw scallops by the pound
  • Alaskan king crabs
  • Jumbo lump crab meat by the one pound can

 How fast are the deliveries? We offer quick shipping facilities and will deliver a day after order placement. The best bit about this is that our stone crabs are accompanied by a complimentary gift: Billy's Signature Mustard Sauce.

Florida Stone Crab

Florida stone crab is caught locally and is a favorite delicacy for many. It is famous for its tender meat that is low in fat and delectable. Order it online and enjoy the crab when served cold alongside Billy's Signature Mustard Sauce. Enjoy it alongside pasta, macaroni, or other delicious dishes.

King Crab

The king crab is often compared to lobster. The meat is snowy white with red streaks. It is very tender and flavorful, allowing you to enjoy its big chunks. However, knowing the best place to order crab online is advisable to ensure quality and freshness.

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

The Jumbo lump packs high amounts of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and selenium. It is famous for its bright white color and unparalleled taste. It resembles the crustacea jumbo lump, only that it is a bit smaller. The meat comes in a one-pound can containing about 75 whole pieces. 

Wild-Caught Fresh Jumbo Shrimp

Fresh shrimp packs lots of proteins, niacin, and minerals. It is nutritious and ready to cook no matter the type of event. It is well-packed and will be delivered to your doorstep to enhance your culinary experience.

Florida Lobster Tails

Florida's lobster is nutrient-rich and stores most of its meat in its tail. The meat is medium-textured with a sweet, mild flavor. Moreover, the taste almost resembles that of a crawfish. You will get the Florida lobster tails in frozen or whole form and can fit them in most recipes.

Fresh U-10 Raw Scallops

Scallops are sweet and buttery and feature a tender texture. They do not have that fishy smell and will blend in well with most dishes. Scallops are succulent and very delicious and will be delivered in pounds. If unsure how to prepare them, enroll for culinary lessons in Miami and learn different recipes. 

Shop Online for the Freshest Crab and Seafood in Florida

Billy's Stone Crab is famous for its fresh stone crab and is the best place to order crab online. Our online deliveries allow our clients to enjoy a delightful culinary experience. Order our fresh stone crab and seafood online and enjoy mouth-watering dishes. Even better, visit our restaurant and sample our culinary seafood dishes.


Image Source: SunflowerMomma / Shutterstock