If you’ve never tasted fresh seafood that has been handled correctly and hand-picked to provide only the highest quality, you are missing out. The seafood at Billy’s Stone Crab is available to ship nationwide so you can experience what the residents and visitors of the South Florida area have been able to enjoy in person. When you decide to buy fresh seafood online, you can enjoy the best that Billy’s Stone Crab has to offer without having to leave your home. Test

Fresh Seafood

Billy’s Stone Crab fresh seafood is available for pick-up at the restaurant in Hollywood Beach, FL, or to ship nationwide through overnight delivery. We also have two fish houses: Marathon, FL, and another in Summerland Key, FL. Both are conveniently located in the Florida Keys.

Over 40 boats supply our fish houses with stone crab, lobster and fish daily. How we operate is unique as we handle the product from start to finish before our customers receive it. From the boat directly to your door, your choice of seafood arrives ready for you to enjoy immediately. The unique process for selecting and shipping means you receive only the freshest and most high-quality seafood with a difference you can taste.


What better way to top off a delicious seafood meal than with a decadent dessert? Billy’s Stone Crab’s signature key lime pie tart but sweet flavor pairs perfectly with the seafood to provide a crowd-pleasing end to a meal. The unique recipe uses key limes sourced from Florida trees for the freshest and most flavorful experience. Your key lime pie arrives frozen to enjoy now or later and is a treat that the entire family will enjoy.

Merchandise and Gift Cards

Fans of Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant can enjoy a reminder of the experience through the merchandise collection. Even if you have never been to the physical location and just enjoy the fresh seafood, you can buy from Billy’s Stone Crab online, and you can purchase a keepsake to show your love for the brand. If you know someone who wants to buy fresh seafood online or loves to visit the in-person establishment, gift cards in various denominations are available.

Buy Fresh Seafood from Billy’s Stone Crab

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh seafood that has been carefully selected for maximum flavor and quality. That’s why buying seafood from Billy’s Stone Crab market is so popular with Miami and Ft. Lauderdale locals and guests and throughout the Florida Keys. You can enjoy the same experience no matter where you are located in the nation by ordering seafood directly from the online store and having it delivered overnight to your doorstep. To learn more about the process or ask any questions about the available options, browse the online selection or contact Billy’s Stone Crab today.