Florida Keys Stone Crabs

Florida Stone Crabs are a world known delicacy of our region and for many good reasons!

The meat of the Florida Stone Crab is tender, has a very low level of fats and it offers a very interesting tasting experience. Stone Crabs are also a good source of protein, selenium and magnesium. The best way to eat stone crabs is cold. Warm stone crabs have an iodine aftertaste, but cold stone crabs don’t. Before being eaten, the cold crabs are cracked and then served with Billy’s Signature Mustard Sauce on the side.

Play of Florida Stone Crab Claws on next to a Billy Stone Crab Mallet

But How Do Stone Crabs Get to The Restaurant?

The bodies of these crabs are relatively small and are rarely eaten, but the crab claws, which are large and strong enough to break an oyster’s shell, are considered the famous Florida delicacy. BSC Fisheries, our proprietary fisheries in the Florida keys, uses stone crab traps to harvest the stone crabs. Harvesting is accomplished by removing one or both claws from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb(s) .

This process does not harm the species making it a renewable source of delicious delicacy of our region. To be kept, claws must be 2 7/8" (73.025 mm) long as of 2020, measured from the tips of the immovable finger to the first joint. The largest male claws are about 140 millimeters (mm), or roughly 5½ inches long. The largest female claws are about 120 mm (4¾ inches). The largest stone crab claw collected by the FWRI researchers was 148.9 mm (5 3/4 inches). Regeneration in adult crabs takes one year due to the seasonal molting of adult females in fall and adult males in winter.

The regenerated claws start out smaller than the original and will continue to grow through subsequent molts.

Plate of Florida Stone Crab Claws

The Good News : Stone Crab population levels are estimated to be high and no overfishing is occurring. The unique manner in which stone crab claws are harvested helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the species.

Females carrying eggs are called oviparous and their egg sacs are known as sponges. Ovigerous females are easily identifiable by the orange or brown sponge the female carries under her. The sponge is revealed when the crab is picked up or turned over. All crabs should be checked for the presence of a sponge prior to declawing. If a sponge is detected, the crab must be placed back in the water immediately and unharmed.

Ship Fresh Florida Stone Crab
Florida Stone Crab (1.5 lb Per Person) *Mustard Sauce & Bibs Included
Florida Stone Crab (1.5 lb Per Person) *Mustard Sauce & Bibs Included

Florida Stone Crab (1.5 lb Per Person) *Mustard Sauce & Bibs Included



About Florida Stone Crabs

Florida Stone Crabs are a sustainable and delectable seafood option, locally caught right off our coast. These remarkable creatures can lose their limbs easily to escape predators or tight spaces, and their limbs will regenerate over time. When a claw is broken with the diaphragm at the body/claw joint left intact, the wound quickly heals, resulting in minimal blood loss. This greatly increases the crab's chance of survival and allows it to grow another claw for the next season.

Nutritional Benefits and Flavor Profile

The meat of the Florida Stone Crab is tender, low in fat, and offers a delightful tasting experience. These crabs are also a great source of protein, selenium, and magnesium. To enjoy the best flavor, it's recommended to consume stone crabs cold, as warm stone crabs can have an iodine aftertaste, which is absent in cold stone crabs.

How to Serve Stone Crab

Before serving, cold stone crabs can be cracked and then accompanied by Billy's Signature Mustard Sauce on the side. This tangy and flavorful sauce perfectly complements the delicate, succulent crab meat and is included complimentary with every stone crab order.

Why Choose Billy's Stone Crab for Your Florida Stone Crabs

At Billy's Stone Crab, we pride ourselves on providing the freshest and highest quality Florida Stone Crabs available. Our commitment to sourcing sustainably caught crabs and our expert handling process ensures that you'll receive the finest seafood experience possible.

In addition to our high standards of excellence, we're also dedicated to making delicious seafood as accessible and easy to enjoy as possible. So, when you order stone crabs online from our market, you'll receive everything you need to make the most of your meal: mallets, bibs, and our signature mustard sauce.

FAQs about Ordering Stone Crabs Online

How do I order stone crabs online?

Billy's Stone Crab makes ordering simple in our online seafood market. Simply select your preferred claw size (medium, medium select, large, jumbo, or colossal), then choose how many people you are planning to serve. Finally, pick your target delivery date.

We'll take care of packing enough stone crab to feed your group, and all you'll need to do is look forward to eating it.

How are the stone crabs packaged and shipped?

Your stone crab order is carefully packaged to preserve freshness and quality. We use temperature-controlled packaging materials and insulated containers to maintain the appropriate temperature during transit.

How much stone crab should I order per person?

As a general rule, we recommend approximately 1 to 2 pounds of stone crab per person, depending on individual appetites and whether it's being served as an appetizer or main course. When you place an order for stone crab online, we will ask you how many people you will be serving. Then, we will make sure to package enough crab (in your selected claw size) for your group size.

Can I order stone crabs for a specific date or event?

You can place your order in advance and specify a desired delivery date during checkout. We recommend ordering at least a few days before your event to ensure timely delivery.

What other fresh seafood items do you offer?

In addition to Florida Stone Crabs, we offer a wide variety of fresh seafood items, which can be viewed here. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us for more details.

What is the shelf life of Florida Stone Crabs once they are delivered?

Florida Stone Crabs can last up to 3 days when properly stored in the refrigerator. However, we recommend enjoying them immediately to savor their optimal freshness and flavor.

Can I freeze stone crabs? 

While it's possible to freeze stone crabs, freezing can affect the texture and flavor of the meat. We recommend consuming them fresh to experience the best taste and quality.

How to Freeze Stone Crab Claws? Dealing with Stone Crab Claw Meat

Stone crab claws are a delicious delicacy that can be enjoyed year-round, not just during their limited harvesting season. Freezing stone crab claws is a great way to preserve them so you can enjoy them whenever you please. Here's how to freeze stone crab claws properly:

1. Start by selecting fresh, high-quality stone crab claws. Make sure they are fully cooked before freezing them.

2. Remove any remaining shell fragments or cartilage from the crab claws.

3. Place the crab claws in a freezer-safe container or bag, making sure to leave some space for expansion during freezing.

4. If you are using a container, cover the crab claws with a layer of water to help protect them from freezer burn.

5. Seal the container or bag tightly, removing as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn.

6. Label the container or bag with the date of freezing so you can keep track of how long they have been stored.

7. Place the container or bag in the coldest part of your freezer, preferably at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

8. When ready to enjoy, thaw the frozen stone crab claws in the refrigerator overnight. Do not thaw.

Where is your stone crab delivery available?

You can order stone crab for delivery nationwide (in the U.S.).

Can I find stone crabs for sale at my local grocery store?

More than likely, you will only find Florida stone crabs at your neighborhood grocery store if you are local to Florida. We are based in Florida and partner with fishermen in the area, making it easy to access regional seafood favorites no matter where you live in the U.S.

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