All You Can Eat Stone Crab Menu

The health benefits of seafood are immense. Omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood contribute to healthy infant growth and development. The benefits are enormous, and most Americans are now adding seafood to their plates as a complementary diet.

With this in mind, we at Billy's Stone Crab get a horde of questions concerning seafood. Fortunately, we want to be that go-to seafood resource for you! After 40+ years of being in the seafood business, you'll be excited to know we provide the freshest and top-quality stone crab and seafood in the Southern Florida Keys areas, which brings us to our menu.

Our seafood menu features top-of-the-range delicacies prepared using conventional cooking standards. There's something for everyone at Billy's Stone Crab, from Crab Cakes to Lobster Tails to shrimps. And here's why our menu rocks the world of sea foodies!

All You Can Eat Stone Crab

Stone crabs are our specialty and feature predominantly on our seafood menu. Did you know the stone crab season runs from October 1st to May 1st? You can hop in at our restaurant during this season and enjoy freshly prepared stone crab. 

However, if you wish to prepare your stone crab at home, you can visit our seafood market or place an online order. We do nationwide delivery and deliver overnight via FedEx. Our seafood products are ready to eat once received.

All You Can Eat Alaskan King Crab

Our menu wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Alaskan King crabs. You can always find fresh king crab at Billy's Stone Crab during the stone crab season. 

While most people prefer having seafood during dinner, King crab makes for an excellent delicacy during lunchtime. The meat is flavorful and tender and can be prepared using lemon and different ingredients. In addition, king crabs provide the needed proteins and selenium our bodies require to function optimally.

At Billy's Stone Crab, we pride ourselves on serving this tasty delicacy at our world-renowned restaurant in the Florida Keys area. In addition, you can get king crabs in our restaurant locations in Marathon Fl or Summerland Key, Fl. If you wish to have your king crab with accompaniments, you can try our side specialties or request some soup or salad.

How Do Stone Crabs Get to the Restaurant?

Stone crabs require special handling and care to ensure it is safe for consumption. As a rule of thumb, we serve fresh stone crabs to avoid long periods of refrigeration which spoils the stone crabs.

At Billy's Stone Crab, we handle both the seafood production and the end-user preparation, meaning that we run the product from start to finish before our consumers receive it. This way, we can reduce a long production chain, resulting in poor product quality.

Our two fish houses ‌ in the Florida Keys area receive supplies from over 40 boats, making our stone crabs fresh and ready for consumption. Here's what our customers have to say about us.

All You Can Eat Stone Crab: The Miami Ft. Lauderdale Restaurants

We can't pick which one stands out the most between our two fish locations. But if you want to dine while facing an outdoor waterfront, visit our two sites to enjoy stunning views of the Intracoastal Waterway from the seating areas as you have your meal.

Enjoy All You Can Eat Seafood in Hollywood, FL

There you have it. 

All-you-can-eat Stone Crab at Billy's Stone Crab in Florida. Whether you want something for dinner or lunch, our restaurant is your go-to resource for all matters of seafood. We provide first-class dining, and our rich menu will leave you asking for more.

Browse our extensive seafood menu today and contact us to place your order today!

Customer Testimonials

"Really nice restaurant, the food was great! The drinks were even better! Went during lunch time, was not packed, walked in and got services immediately. Sat outside on the gliders, our server Sebastian was out siding, he knew the menu front to back. He even gave us some fish so we could feed the fish in the water, very fun experience. Best server hands down. Definitely returning." - JoeJoe Z.

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