The Wild Seafood Market Experience at Billy's Stone Crab

Billy's Stone Crab was founded in 1975, and we continue to pride ourselves in serving the freshest and finest stone crab in South Florida. Our exclusive fishery catches fresh seafood right here in the Florida Keys, and it's served the same day it's harvested. 

Order fresh stone crab from our stone crab market, and have it delivered fresh, right to your doorstep.

Florida's Best Fresh Fish

BSC Fisheries supplies our stone crab market with the freshest stone crabs, lobsters, and fish you can find, and it's all harvested locally in the Florida Keys. From start to finish, we do it all so you can be sure your seafood has been handled with care every step of the way.

Over 40 boats bring fresh seafood to our stone crab market each day, so every item has been out of the sea for less than 24 hours. Select your stone crab or fish, and our experts will filet it for you, so it's prepped and ready for you to cook at home.

How Do Stone Crabs Get to the Market?

BSC Fisheries, our exclusive fishery, harvests the finest stone crabs by placing traps in the local waters of the Florida Keys. BSC Fisheries carefully removes one or both claws from each harvested stone crab and then returns the animal to its habitat. Stone crabs are uniquely able to regrow their limbs, so once returned to the ocean, new claws will regenerate fully within a year.

These large, strong claws are tender and delicious when served cold, with a side of Billy's Signature Mustard Sauce. They're harvested when a stone crab's claw reaches 2 7/8" from the tip of its immovable finger to its first joint. The crab is gently returned home to continue to thrive, making it a renewable way to enjoy seafood without harming the species.


Nothing tastes better than fresh seafood, caught fresh and delivered to the market for you to enjoy at home. Here are some of the most popular crab and seafood products.

Alaskan King Crab

Enormous Alaskan King Crab can be purchased in a half cluster or full cluster, so you can buy enough to feed yourself or a crowd.

Florida Lobster Tails

Purchase a single lobster tail or buy it by the pound to celebrate a special occasion with friends.

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Jumbo lump crab meat is versatile, so buy as much as you need, by the pound. It comes in a can, ready to cook or incorporate into your favorite seafood dish.


Raw scallop portions are sold by the pound, so you can buy ahead and have fresh seafood delivered to your home on the date you choose.

Stone Crab

Select the claw size and quantity, and purchase fresh snow crab by the pound. You can even choose a delivery date online if you'd like to order ahead.

Wild Jumbo Shrimp

Choose whether you'd like raw or cocktail shrimp, and pick your delivery date to receive fresh shrimp right when you need it.

Why Order Our Stone Crab Claws

Stone crabs are a delicacy that's famously harvested here in South Florida. Luckily, at Billy's Stone Crab, we can ship them right to your home, so you can enjoy high-quality, delicious stone crabs, no matter where you live. Order fresh seafood from our stone crab market, and choose your delivery date, so you can cook the freshest seafood whenever you'd like.

Visit Our Seafood Market in Hollywood, FL

Our Florida seafood market harvests and sells fresh seafood straight from the sea to your table. To learn more about the delicious products we offer, contact us today.

Image Source: Glenn Price / Shutterstock