Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp

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Delicious Jumbo Shrimp for Online Sale

Enjoy our delicious Wild Caught Shrimp. Raw packed cold and ready to cook, or for cocktails by the pound! Buy ready-to-cook, wild-caught shrimp.

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What is Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp?

Wild caught jumbo shrimp refers to shrimp that are harvested from their natural habitat, typically oceans, seas, or rivers, using traditional fishing methods. These shrimps are not raised in aquaculture farms but rather caught directly from the wild.

The term "wild caught" implies that these shrimps have lived freely and naturally in their environment. Shop more with Billy's Stone Crab. 

On Average How Many Calories Do Jumbo Shrimp Have?

Jumbo shrimp, also known as large or extra-large shrimp, are a popular seafood choice due to their meaty texture and delicious flavor. For those conscious of their calorie intake, it is essential to know how many calories jumbo shrimp contain.

On average, raw jumbo shrimp have approximately 7-8 calories per piece. This low-calorie content is because shrimp are primarily protein, with very little fat or carbohydrates.

When jumbo shrimp are cooked, they absorb water and increase in weight, but their calorie content remains relatively low. This is a perfect option for Dinner. 

It should be noted that the calorie counts provided are for plain, unseasoned jumbo shrimp. If jumbo shrimp are prepared with additional ingredients such as butter, oil, or sauces, the calorie content will increase noticeably. For example, cooked jumbo shrimp can contain approximately 8-9 calories per piece, depending on what they’re cooked with. Common cooking methods for jumbo shrimp include grilling, sautéing, and boiling.

What About Grilled Jumbo Shrimp? 

Grilled jumbo shrimp can have anywhere from 90-120 calories per 3-ounce serving, depending on the marinade or seasoning used. Sautéed jumbo shrimp cooked with butter or oil can have around 150-200 calories per 3-ounce serving. Boiled jumbo shrimp without added ingredients will still have a low-calorie content, similar to their raw state.

When enjoying jumbo shrimp as part of a meal, it is important to consider the other components of the dish. For example, pairing jumbo shrimp with a salad or steamed vegetables can create a balanced and nutritious meal. However, if jumbo shrimp are served with high-calorie sides such as fried rice or creamy pasta, the overall calorie content of the meal will significantly increase. View all of our Seafood Items to learn more.

Finally, in addition to their low-calorie content, jumbo shrimp are also a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for nutritional purposes. Come view our Restaurant in Hollywood, FL for more info!

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