Traditional Florida Food You Need to Try

Tourists worldwide flock to the Sunshine State to experience Florida's sandy beaches and unbeatable cuisine. Here, you'll find some of the best seafood in the US, fresh citrus, and Caribbean-inspired cuisine. We've gathered some of the best traditional food in Florida that you must try, whether you're a local or planning your next visit.

Iconic Florida Foods

Fresh-caught seafood, locally grown produce, and fried beach food abound in Florida, and the hardest part is choosing which iconic food to try next. 

Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is as "Florida" as it gets. Made from fresh, locally grown key limes, this tart citrus pie is the perfect dessert after a long day in the sun. Add some white chocolate to the filling to make it even more decadent, and you'll taste the difference.

Florida Oranges

This iconic citrus fruit is known worldwide as a Florida delight, and nothing tastes as sweet as a fresh-squeezed glass of Florida orange juice. Over 1/2 million acres of land are dedicated to growing varieties like Navel, Temple, Valencia, Pineapple, Hamlin, and Ambersweet oranges. Purchase fresh citrus fruit at the local farmers market, a nearby grove, or your favorite grocery store.

Florida Stone Crabs

Stone crab season lasts from October 15 to May 1st each year in Florida. This highly sought-after delicacy is not only succulent and sweet, it's also a completely sustainable food. Stone crabs are harvested along the coast of South Florida, but the practice is highly regulated. Fishermen can harvest both claws as long as they meet minimum size, and then they're thrown back into the ocean, where the claw regenerates over the next 18 months. The sweet claw meat goes for top dollar, but it's well worth the flavor when it's dunked in butter or mustard sauce.

Conch Fritters

Beachside restaurants are peppered along the coast of Florida, and many serve fried conch fritters. Conch may be chewy, but it's a local favorite when chopped up and fried into fritters. The salty, fishy flavors combined with the crunch of breading on the outside pair perfectly with an ice-cold beer after a long day at the beach.

Mahi Mahi

Known as Dorado in Spanish and Dolphinfish in English, the Hawaiian name for this beautiful fish is Mahi Mahi. They are caught off the shore of Florida and served at local restaurants throughout the state. Found over 30 pounds, these large, colorful fish are a local delight. They can be served grilled, blackened, and fried, but our favorite are the Mahi Mahi tacos. 

Fried Grouper

Unlike Mahi Mahi, grouper is not a pretty fish, but the meat is delicious. Harvesting these fish is controlled to manage the amount of grouper in the ocean, but they're a must-try menu item in Florida. Seafood aficionados debate about the best type, but most agree it's either Black, Red, or Gag grouper. 

If you're not a seafood lover, give grouper a try. It's sweet and has a mild flavor, perfect for people dipping their toes in fishy food.

Food culture in Florida

Florida is a tourist destination for folks around the world. Each region of the Sunshine State boasts its unique local cuisine, with influences from the Deep South, the Caribbean, and Disney World. No matter where you travel in Florida, you'll find traditional food like locally grown strawberries and citrus, fresh-caught fish, and decadent stone crab claws. 

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