How to Eat a Stone Crab

Updated: Jan 3, 2024

Florida stone crab season is right around the corner. Soon, it will be time to enjoy this seafood delicacy fresh from the Florida Keys. People from all over the world are fanatics about this delectable crab.

Whether you visit our world-renowned restaurant in Hollywood, FL, purchase crab claws online, or buy them from our fresh seafood market, you do not want to miss out on this tasty meal. If you are new to this specialty food, follow our tips for how to eat stone crab.

  • Florida limits stone crab season to maintain the crab population. You can enjoy fresh stone crab from October through May.
  • At Billy's Stone Crab, we work with more than 40 independent fishermen in the Florida Keys to provide the freshest, highest-quality stone crab to our customers.

Prepare the Stone Crab

The way you eat stone crab depends on how you prepare it. Follow these steps to prepare uncooked stone crabs.

  • Boil the crab claws immediately. At Billy's Stone Crab fish houses in Marathon and Summerland Key, FL, we boil our stone crab claws directly after catching them fresh from Florida waters.
  • Boil them for approximately eight minutes for average-sized claws. Larger claws may need a slightly longer cooking time.
  • Remove from the boiling water and place the claws in cold water to prevent them from cooking more.
  • Allow your stone crabs to cool. The best way to enjoy this tasty delicacy is to eat it cold with a side of Billy's signature mustard sauce.

Crack the Shell

Next, get ready to crack into a sweet, one-of-a-kind food experience.

  • Hold a prepared crab claw in one hand. Grab a wooden mallet or a spoon with your other hand and hit the shell two to three times.
  • Turn the claw over to the other side and repeat the process.
  • At this point, the cracks should allow you to pull off the outer shell and remove the succulent, flaky crab meat.
  • Peel the remaining shell away from the claw with your fingers.

Dip the Crab Meat

At Billy's Stone Crab, we think this is an essential step of how to eat stone crab. Do not forget to dip your crab meat before you eat it!

  • Grasp your crab claw by the pincer.
  • Dip the delicious crab meat into a dish of Billy's mustard sauce
  • Enjoy!

Mark Your Calendars

Circle October 16th, 2021 in your planner, and then head to Billy's Stone Crab to savor a stone crab meal in our Hollywood, FL, restaurant. Or pick up some crab claws to take home from our seafood market. If you are not in Florida, don't worry. Billy's has you covered with stone crab shipping and delivery services worldwide starting on October 17th.

Choose the Best Stone Crab

Learning how to eat stone crab starts with purchasing the best quality stone crab claw meat. At Billy's Stone Crab in Florida, we handle your seafood and stone crab from start to finish, with no middle man, ensuring you get a tender, sweet, delicious product every time. We catch fresh fish, seafood, and lobster daily to stock our fish houses in Marathon and Summerland Key, FL.

Are you hungry yet? If your mouth is watering to try our delectable Florida stone crab claws, contact us today at 954 923 2300. We have been in the stone crab business for years, and our expertise in the industry shows. We'll tell you how you can enjoy our top-quality stone crab in our restaurant or have it shipped to your home.

Featured Image: By Marie Sonmez Photography /Shutterstock