How to Eat Oysters Properly

How to Eat Oysters Properly

If you find yourself browsing the menu's oyster section but you're too afraid to order them, you're not alone. Many people shy away from eating fresh oysters because they require a different method for making it from the ice dish to your mouth. But just like all the best parts of life: you just have to dive in (or you risk missing out!)

Oysters are one of the most tender and decadent dishes, and everyone should enjoy them to their heart's content. Slurping oysters may look intimidating to people who have never tried it, but it's not hard to do. Let's clear the air and explain how to eat raw oysters so you can enjoy fresh raw oysters the next time you stop by Billy's Stone Crab.

Raw Oysters

Raw Oysters

Although there is much debate among oyster connoisseurs about whether they should be dipped in cocktail sauce, eating oysters is pretty straightforward. Oysters are served with a small fork. Use this fork to loosen the oyster away from the shell. Then, you simply lift the shell to your lips, tip it, and let the oyster slide into your mouth.

Many people think that you should simply swallow the oyster whole, but they're missing out on the full experience. Once the oyster is in your mouth, bite down and enjoy the full flavor profile of the combined oyster and the juice from the shell (also known as oyster liquor.) 

When you're finished, place the oyster upside down on the ice tray. You can also place it on a plate that's designated for discarded oysters. That way, you can easily keep track of which oysters have already been consumed.

Make Sure Your Oysters Are Fresh!

Fresh Oysters

Fresh oysters always taste best. That's why you should always ask your server about when and where your oysters were harvested. Learning how to eat raw oysters is an experience, and it's nice to know their origin story. Most often, locally harvested oysters are the freshest and most delicious. At Billy's Stone Crab, we proudly operate two fish houses in Marathon and Summerland Key, Florida. Our fleet of boats supplies these fish houses with stone crab, lobster, oysters, and fish daily, so you can rest assured that your seafood is fresh, delicious, and harvested locally. 

Try Oysters Rockefeller

Billy's Stone Crab offers a variety of seafood dishes, including oysters to share (or enjoy all to yourself). Our Oysters Rockefeller is a decadent dish that consists of oysters that have been drenched in butter, parsley, herbs, and bread crumbs. Each oyster is baked so the top is crispy, buttery, and packed with flavor. This savory topping complements the oyster's briny flavor profile perfectly. 

Paired with creamed spinach and parmesan, this dish is the perfect way to practice eating raw oysters, because around here, we believe that practice makes perfect! We encourage you to order the dish as a shared appetizer or as a stand-alone dish.

See our Seafood Offerings In Person! 

Billy's Stone Crab is South Florida's famous seafood restaurant, and we pride ourselves in providing an unforgettable dining experience to each guest who stops by. Over 40 boats supply our local fish houses with fresh stone crab, lobster, and fish each day, and we oversee every catch from start to finish. That means your oysters on the half-shell never leave our sight until the moment they arrive at your table. Browse our dinner menu and make a reservation to get an upscale seafood experience, complete with an attentive staff, breathtaking views, and the best oysters in South Florida. We look forward to serving you soon, no matter whether you're just learning how to eat oysters or you've been slurping them for years.