How Many Stone Crabs Should One Person Eat?

Updated: May 21, 2024

When ordering stone crab claws for your next dinner party, it's important to know how many to buy. Stone crab claws are sold by the pound, and you will want to make sure you purchase enough for everyone to leave satisfied, but not too many that you have a lot left over.

Let's look at how many stone crab claws you should buy per person, so you can be certain that you're prepared to feed everyone at the table without overspending on excess stone crabs. If you have any questions, please also give us a call: (954) 923-2300.

Stone Crab Sizes: A Stone Crab Sizing Guide

Stone crab claws come in various sizes, including medium, large, jumbo, and colossal. Each size is sold by the pound at a different price point, and typically, the larger the stone crabs, the more you pay per pound. Here is a breakdown of how many stone crab claws, on average, you can expect to get per pound.

  • Medium: 6 to 7 stone crabs
  • Large: 4 to 5 stone crabs
  • Jumbo: about three stone crabs
  • Colossal: 1 stone crab

How To Estimate the Number of Stone Crab Claws You Need. How Many Should Crabs Per Person?

Crab Cluster with a Sauce on the Side

To estimate the number of stone crab claws you need per person. It is important to know how many stone crabs are in a pound. Around two and a half pounds of stone crab claws produce around one pound of meat. Plan on serving each guest at least one pound of meat each, but some stone crab enthusiasts may be able to eat as many as three pounds of crab meat, so it is best to be prepared.

At Billy's Stone Crab, we have fish houses in Marathon, Florida, and Summerland Key. Our 40 boats are sent out daily to catch and supply our fish houses with stone crabs and other seafood. That way, we can control every seafood item from catch to final sale, ensuring that our seafood is high quality and fresh. These seafood delights can be purchased at our online store or beautifully plated in our restaurant.

Stone Crab FAQs

So, now you know how many stone crab claws to buy per person, but you still have questions. We're self-proclaimed experts on these luxuriously delicious crustaceans, and we're happy to answer them all.

When is Stone Crab Season?

Stone crab season in Florida is from October to May every year. They can only legally be harvested from October 15th to May 1st. Fishers who want to harvest stone crabs must first register with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

What to Serve with Stone Crab

Things to Serve with Stone Crab

Stone crab is typically served cold and should be allowed to shine on its own — perhaps with a nice mustard sauce. Don't overthink the sides. Serve your stone crab with a crisp salad, warm, crusty bread, or roasted potatoes. Pair your meal with a nice bottle of champagne or wine, and finish it with one of Billy's Stone Crab's Key Lime Pies. 

When setting the table, don't forget to provide each guest with a pair of crab crackers, an empty bowl for the shells, and some heavy-duty napkins for cleaning up.

How to Cook Stone Crab Claws

Don't cook them! Stone crabs are steamed soon after they're harvested, so you don't have to cook them unless you have harvested the claws from the ocean yourself. Stone crabs are best served cold, so all you need to do is pre-crack them a few hours before dinner begins. 

To pre-crack them, use a pair of lobster or crab crackers or a mallet to crack the shells. Alternatively, you can also use the back of a knife to hit each shell carefully. Try to crack about 75% of the way through the shell and return your stone claw crabs to the refrigerator. That way, the excess water can drain off, leaving less mess when it's time to eat.

Billy's Stone Crab for the Freshest Seafood in Southern Florida!

Knowing how many stone crab claws to purchase per person is important — especially if you're trying to avoid leftovers. At Billy's Stone Crab, we sell stone crab claws and other seafood like grouper filets, lobster, snapper filets, mahi filets, oysters, clams, and steaks. Shop online to order seafood for your next celebratory dinner or family meal. 

At Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant, we offer the best stone crab in Florida, served in a laid-back atmosphere with friendly service and delicious cocktails. Please make a reservation today and contact us with any questions! We look forward to seeing you at Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant.