Florida Stone Crabs (1.5 lb per person) *mustard sauce, mallet and bibs included

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The Florida Stone Crab is a delicious sustainable food which is caught locally right off our coast. The Florida stone crab loses its limbs easily to escape from predators or tight spaces, but their limbs will grow back.

When a claw is broken such that the diaphragm at the body/claw joint is left intact, the wound will quickly heal itself and very little blood is lost. This greatly increases the chance of survival for the creature and enough time to grow back another claw for the next season.

The meat of the Florida Stone Crab is tender, has a very low level of fats and it offers a very interesting tasting experience. Stone Crabs are also a good source of protein, selenium and magnesium. The best way to eat stone crabs is cold. Warm stone crabs have an iodine aftertaste, but cold stone crabs don’t. Before being eaten, the cold crabs are cracked and then served with Billy’s Signature Mustard Sauce on the side.

Billy’s signature mustard sauce is included with every stone crab order complimentary.

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