The Ft. Lauderdale & Miami Areas Best Fresh Seafood Market

Billy’s front entrance, facing Ocean Drive (also known as A1A), leads to the seafood market. Sitting on crushed ice in the glass seafood display case, you will find: wild, pink Key West shrimp, all sizes of stone crab claws, yellowtail snapper, Apalachicola oysters, Indian River clams, and Florida black grouper, all caught along the Florida coasts.

  • Billy’s buys directly from the fishermen off their boats.
  • Don’t be surprised as you can taste the difference between a wild, pink Key West shrimp and one that’s farmed.
  • All of Billy’s seafood is fresh caught and wild.
  • Take Out Seafood Menu.
  • Order Online and have your meal delivered FedEx Next Day.

The Ft. Lauderdale Areas Best Place for Stone Crabs, Alaskan King Crab Legs and More

Fresh stone crabs are just one of the seafood treats available at Billy’s. “We sell only domestic fish and shellfish, caught in local waters, “said owner Billy Hershey. “It costs more to buy domestically, but the seafood quality is definitely superior, and we believe our customers deserve only the best, freshest seafood possible. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with local fishermen so we’re assured of getting the best of the catch.”

Only wild shrimp caught in the Florida Keys are sold at Billy’s. “We don’t handle any of the farm-raised shrimp from other countries,” Billy said “Once you taste a wild Florida Keys shrimp you’ll never want the farmed variety again.” There’s a definite difference in flavor and quality. The fresh oysters at Billy’s have come from Apalachicola, and the clams from the Indian River. “There’s nothing quite as delicious as the seafood we have right here in Florida” Billy said.

Billys Market