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Are you having trouble deciding what to have for dinner? Order the surf and turf to get the best of both worlds! But what is surf and turf? What does surf and turf mean? And who coined the phrase? Let's look at the history of this classic dinner combination, its luxuriously decadent components, and what you can expect when you order it at Billy's Stone Crab in Hollywood, Florida. Make a reservation at our restaurant to experience this dish and sample two of our best entrees.

Why is it Called Surf & Turf?

The origin of the name "surf and turf" is a little muddy, but everyone agrees that it came from a coastal community in the United States. The West Coast claims to have coined the phrase during the World's Fair in 1962, honoring the Seattle Space Needle with the first mention of this dish. On the other hand, the East Coast argues that "surf and turf" was mentioned in a piece written in The Lowell Sun, a newspaper published in Massachusetts in 1966. Either way, surf and turf originated in the USA and quickly spread across the continent and beyond.

What Do You Get When You Order Surf and Turf?

Surf and turf's meaning is fairly easy to figure out. It's a classic mix of seafood (surf) and grass-fed meat (turf). By what is surf and turf? Most often, it's composed of marinated and grilled steak like filet mignon, paired with either lobster tail or shrimp. High-end restaurants offering surf and turf on the menu provide small portions of red meat and seafood, which provides delicious samples of two different entrees. Because it's such a unique dish that satisfies your cravings, it quickly took off in the United States and is available in most high-end steak and seafood restaurants. It's also spread across the globe. Fun fact: Australia calls this dish the "beef and reef." 

Why is it so Popular?

Steak and seafood are two of the most popular entrees that are served at restaurants in the USA. Pairing the two creates a luxurious and extravagant meal that offers the best of both worlds. It's also something most home cooks wouldn't attempt since each entree is cooked very differently and requires a lot of effort and skill.

Seafood restaurants typically offer a surf and turf dish for patrons who prefer meat—and for people who have trouble making decisions on an empty stomach! Steakhouses offer surf and turf as an elevated menu item with more variety. Typically, the dish is served with smaller portions of meat and seafood cooked to perfection, so you get a satisfying amount of each entree.

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So, what is surf and turf? It's the best way to order meat and seafood simultaneously. At Billy's Stone Crab in Hollywood, we serve fresh seafood caught locally by our fleet of over 40 boats, stored in our locally-owned fish houses, and distributed to the restaurant. Each center-cut filet mignon steak is marinated, cooked to perfection, and paired with a succulent broiled Florida lobster tail. For more information about our surf and turf pairings, contact us today. We'd love to serve you the best of both worlds at Billy's Stone Crab in Florida. Make a reservation at our restaurant and experience the freshest food served by the friendliest staff in Florida.