What is a Good Stone Crab Claw Size

Updated: May 1, 2024

Stone crab claws contain meat that's sweet, tender, and delicious. They've become a modern delicacy to be served at fancy dinner parties and celebratory events.

At Billy's Stone Crab, we operate two fish houses in Marathon and Summerland Key, Florida. With over 40 boats, our company catches and supplies the fish houses with stone crabs, lobster, and other fish daily. That way, we're certain that each crustacean and fish we serve and sell is fresh-caught and of the highest quality.

What Size Stone Crab Claws Are The Best?

Stone crab claws range in size and are sold at very different price points. As with any product, the larger the size, the more you'll pay. But that doesn't necessarily mean you get more bang for your buck. Let's take a look at the different stone crab claw sizes that are available and which ones are best.

Stone Crab Claws Vary By Size

Stone Crabs - Good Claw Size

We offer fresh stone crabs in medium, large, jumbo, and colossal sizes. Here is our stone crab claw size chart that discusses each claw size and how they're typically served.

  • Medium Stone Crabs: Six or seven of these smaller stone crab claws feed one person, and it is the perfect size for an appetizer or a sharable plate for two.
  • Large Stone Crabs: Three pounds of large stone crabs is perfect for date night with your significant other.
  • Jumbo Stone Crabs: These stone crab claws are impressively large and make an excellent entree.
  • Colossal Stone Crabs: Enormous, colossal stone crab claws are a status symbol of wealth, and they're typically served as a modern delicacy.

How Many Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

When purchasing stone crab claws, it is important to know how many claws you'll receive in your order. That way, you can ensure you have enough to feed each person for dinner, leaving them satisfied. Although the exact number of stone crab claws can vary, we offer estimates on how many you'll typically get per pound. You can learn about all of our Seafood Options to purchase online. 

How Many Medium Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Medium stone crabs are more abundant since they typically sneak into our traps by crawling through small cracks and crevices. Because of this, they are typically sold at a lower price point. If you choose to purchase medium stone crab claws, you can expect to receive six to seven per pound. Each pound will serve approximately one person an appetizer's amount of meat. You can always learn more About Us and stone crab. 

How Many Large Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Large stone crabs are bigger, and they have more sweet, juicy meat inside. When you purchase stone crabs claws at this size, you can expect to get around four to five claws per pound. This amount serves one person.

How Many Jumbo Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Jumbo stone crabs claws are the most popular type, and they're perfect for serving as impressive entrees. You can expect to receive about three claws per pound when you purchase jumbo stone crabs. Three jumbo stone crab claws feed the average person, so you can expect to order a pound per person. You can see them in person at our Restaurant. 

How Many Colossal Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

These massive claws are enormous and typically weigh about one pound each. Luckily, each colossal stone crab contains enough meat for one person to be more than satisfied — and they look pretty impressive on the plate.

Billy's Stone Crab for the Freshest Seafood in Southern Florida!

No matter the size, stone crab claws all contain white, tender meat that tastes similar to lobster. It continues to be one of the most sought-after seafood delicacies in the world, and most stone crabs are caught off Florida's coast.

At Billy's Stone Crab, we offer a variety of stone crab claws and other seafood at our online shop. Our products are caught fresh daily by Billy's Stone Crab and our partner fisheries; our company handles each item from fresh catch to its sale. That way, you can rest assured that your stone crab claws are fresh and tasty.

Purchase your stone crab claws by the pound to serve at home and impress your guests with delicious appetizers or main courses. We also have a restaurant that serves the best fresh-caught stone crab claws in Florida, among other seafood delights. Contact us with questions about stone crabs, and make a reservation today to enjoy amazing seafood at Billy's Stone Crab. We look forward to serving you!