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A Seafood Twist on an Old Classic


Photo by Yi Wang

The history of the Reuben Sandwich is convoluted. At best it is likely that it originated with Reuben Kulakofsky, a grocer from Omaha Nebraska who was present at a poker game when the sandwich was created. One fact is certain about the combination of flavors in a classic Reuben, though. It’s delicious! Here at the restaurant we’re known for putting our own spin on traditional dishes and the Reuben is no different. Corned beef is good. Seafood is even better! In this post we talk about the different types of seafood Reuben sandwiches we offer and what beverages to pair with them.

When it comes to our Oyster Reuben, the copper-earthy notes in the oysters provide a mouthwatering contrast to the tangy Russian dressing, tart Swiss cheese, and zesty sauerkraut. It’s a distinctly unique combination that requires just the right beverage to round out your meal. If you’re a beer drinker we recommend Anchor Steam. This amber ale with hints of caramel and hoppy aroma has enough bite to rise above the Russian dressing without competing with it. If wine is your preference you must try a glass of Rodney Strong Pinot Noir. The subtle flavors of vanilla and spice bring the taste of the oysters to life.

You may be surprised to see a Scallop Reuben sandwich on the menu because of the mollusk’s delicate flavor. After all, how can it stand out against the intensity of the other ingredients? The key is in the layering of those flavors and the amount of dressing used in the dish. The scallops actually create a pleasant balance and tie all the tastes together on the palate. Coupled with a refreshing pilsner like Stella Artois, or a glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, you’ll find that the flavors pop to the surface making this seafood Reuben a new classic.

seafoodIf you’ve got a craving for shrimp, our Key West Pink Shrimp Reuben combines the sumptuous taste of the briny sea with the spicy zip of the classic Reuben. To coax out the flavor of the shrimp we suggest a Belgian white ale like Blue Moon. The sweet orange notes in the beer play nicely against the layers of flavors in the sandwich, especially the sauerkraut. A glass of Pouilly-Fuissé with its hints of almond and light Muscat aromatic finish is also a splendid treat with this particular sandwich.

Saving the best for last, our favorite Reuben on the menu is our Lobster Reuben! There is perhaps, no better seafood that accompanies every ingredient in this sandwich than lobster. While each seafood Reuben we offer has its own merit, the lobster with its sweet-briny flavor is absolutely amazing because it contrasts beautifully with the Russian dressing and sauerkraut while complementing the Swiss cheese. You will be hard pressed to find a more complete seafood sandwich with the special zing that this one has. Enjoy it with either Blue Moon or Sam Adam’s Boston Larger, or a split of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige. The hints of toast, gingerbread spice, and honey in the sparkling wine will make your taste buds dance with delight!

You can also get our Fresh Catch of the Day served Reuben style. If you like the traditional Reuben, we know you’ll fall in love with one of our seafood Reuben sandwiches!

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