Your Favorite Seafood Restaurant is Serving up a Special Day for Moms!

Elena with her boysEvery spring, Mother’s Day arrives and we are reminded of how much the matriarchs in our families have done throughout our lives. They are often the glue that binds the family together, the one who tends to everyone else’s needs before their own and they do it without hesitation. From tucking us in at night when we were young and chauffeuring us around to practice or dropping us off at our first dance, to throwing our graduation party and helping us get over our wedding jitters, Mom has done it all. She’s our first line of defense against the big bad world and the one who holds us accountable when we need to be.

There is no substitute for her compassion and advice. For many of us she is our rock, the person who stood beside us when we failed and cheered us on when we succeeded. Mom is the person we trust to set us on the right path after we ignored her advice the first time. Without any instructions she raised us to be the people we are today. She asks for little in return and with our busy lives she sometimes slips from our list of priorities. Yet to her credit she forgives us for every excuse we’ve made about calling her back or stopping by for a visit.

Mother’ Day gives us the opportunity to show her how much we care by making it special just for her. It’s a chance to shower her with love and praise for all her hard work and to create a lasting memory that she will have for years to come. On this important occasion as the owners and staff of a family restaurant, we want to honor your Mom with a rose and a promise that her time with us and you will be an experience she will always treasure. Whether it’s making her laugh, suggesting one of our favorite dishes, recommending the right wine, or just being available when she needs us, we will make her time with you unforgettable.

We look forward to serving you and your family this Sunday and all year long!

Click here for a sneak peek at our menu!

Billy and ElenaClaw your way to Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant, to treat your Mom or your wife to All You Can Eat fresh stone crabs and Alaskan King crab legs at her favorite seafood restaurant! Don’t forget to call ahead!  (954) 923-2300

Only 6 days left till all the traps are out of the water and the Stone Crab Season ends May 15th!

If you prefer to Celebrate Mother’s day at home – pick up your stone crabs or Alaskan King Crab Legs at Billy’s Marketplace with Billy’s famous signature mustered sauce included complimentary

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