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Seafood: The Perfect Lunchtime Meal

seafood-combo-saladWhen thinking of visiting a gourmet seafood restaurant, what comes to mind for most people is a hearty dinner, but why limit your waterfront dining experience to just the evenings?  Our lunch menu offers some perfect options for a nice midday meal, including some lighter dishes for those on the go that need to get back to work.  A good lunch is as important as a good breakfast or dinner, but oftentimes it gets relegated to fast food or skipped altogether.  At Billy’s, we offer that same high-end dining experience during the day to make sure the true seafood lovers can have that well-deserved and much-needed lunch.

As one would expect, our takes on the traditional lunchtime offerings of “soup, salad, and sandwich,” all involve healthy portions of seafood.  To offset our creamy New England Clam or Key West Conch chowders, you could try one of our Sesame Seared Tuna Salads or Shrimp Caesar Salads.  Or you could choose to just go all out and get the Combination Seafood Salad, topped with Jumbo Shrimp, Crabmeat, and half of a Florida Lobster Tail!  As far as sandwiches, we do carry traditional American fare (our Sirloin Hamburger and Chicken Breast Sandwich are excellent), but we know why you came here.  Try a Black Grouper or a Snapper Sandwich, or one of our Reuben Sandwiches prepared with fresh Florida Lobster, Scallops, or Billy’s Fish of the Day.  For a full meal, add a potato or vegetable side dish, but be forewarned:  they are usually big enough for two people.

MusselsFor those looking for a quick bite, we have lunch baskets that come with a salad or fries and coleslaw.  From Yellowtail Snapper to Fried Clams to Chicken Tenders or even Florida Alligator, there are enough options to satisfy whatever you happen to have a taste for at the time.  This holds true for the rest of our lunch menu, as you’re able to go as familiar or as fancy as you like: try some Buffalo Chicken Wings with Onion Rings, or have some Stuffed Mushroom Caps and an order of Escargot.

During the middle of the day, it can get really hot down here in Florida, and sometimes people don’t want to have a warm meal, even sitting inside with air conditioning.  Fear not.  Some of our best lunch menu items are served cold, including our namesake:  Stone Crabs.  Florida Stone Crabs are most definitely available during the day for those who simply can’t wait for dinner, as is our Peruvian inspired Ceviche.  Our Oysters and Clams are served chilled on the half shell, or you could try a Shrimp or Crabmeat cocktail with a glass of ice water as you cool down from the Florida sun.

So whether you’re taking a break from your workday and just need a quick bite, trying to beat the heat, or simply in the mood for enjoying some of Florida’s tastiest seafood before the evening comes, Billy’s has got you covered.  For some ideas on side dish or drink pairings to make the flavor of your next lunch pop, check out some of the previous blog posts.

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