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The Unique Taste of Seafood in the South

seafoodFrom Canada to Europe and beyond, we serve up some of the tastiest seafood classics in the world, but it’s our local dishes that put us on the map! In this post we explore the different regional tastes you’re sure to fall in love with again and again!

At Billy’s, we offer many dishes inspired from cultures around the globe:  from our Italian-style Seafood Marinara or Linguine with Clam Sauce, to our South American Ceviche, to our delectable Prince Edward Island Mussels we have shipped from Canada, there is something to entice every palate.  But you would be remiss if you did not indulge in the tastes that our home state of Florida itself has to offer during your visit.  We South Floridians are proud of our local heritage and we especially stand by our cuisine.  Between mangroves, swamps, reefs, and the open sea, there is always something amazing to be found on the menu.

The main attraction is obviously the Florida Stone Crab, owing its name to the state responsible for ensuring its popularity as a seafood delicacy.  Ours are served in the traditional way:  in shell with lemon wedges and our signature mustard sauce.  With an unmatched taste, few people can stop after one portion, which is why -during season – we have the added bonus of an all-you-can-eat special.

seafoodSome of our menu items have roots right down in the Florida Keys.  The Keys have always been an excellent source of seafood! You can find them on display in many of our shrimp dishes and our Key West-style fresh fish of the day topped with crabmeat and avocados.  Our Key West Conch Chowder is another good example of Florida fare with its own unique flavors and history, and of course everybody is aware of just how delicious a slice of Key Lime pie is after a meal.  The journey doesn’t stop on the islands though.  Florida is home to an enormous wetland system that allows the more adventurous diners to try things like our fried Everglades Frog Legs or the Alligator Reuben Sandwich.

In addition to our fish, we also offer locally caught fresh lobster, broiled and served tail-in-shell alongside steaming baked rolls and lots of butter. To complete the South Florida experience, sip on one of our melon mojitos while watching the sun set over the palm trees of the Intracoastal Waterway.  Like our Floridian twist on a Cuban mojito, the influence of nearby cultures on our region is not lost on us. Florida’s proximity to other seafood boasting areas inspired dishes like our expertly seasoned Shrimp Creole served over rice, and our Caribbean-style fresh fish of the day, topped with sautéed tropical fruits and vegetables.  For our twist on Louisiana’s cuisine, you may want your fresh fish of the day “Blackened” in Cajun spices, or stop in and try an Oyster Po’ Boy sandwich for lunch.

For more ideas about pairing some of your favorite seafood dishes with the beverages that make them sing, check out our food and beverage pairing posts!

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