Get Your Brain Cracking with Crabs

stone crabs Billy'sYou know the scene. You’ve been running around for the last twenty minutes looking for your glasses only to have them slide down the bridge of your nose when you lean forward to check the cushions of your couch. At work you get started answering emails, but find yourself distracted by that stack of files teetering at the corner of the desk. How many times have you asked your kids if they know where your keys are? We’ve all experienced the follies of a busy life at one time or another, but there is something you can do to regain your focus. Eat more crabs!

Crab meat contains phenylalanine, an amino acid used to produce dopamine and adrenaline. Dopamine levels affect your mood while adrenaline increases energy and helps you concentrate. Although all types of fish have phenylalanine, these crafty crustaceans are lower in mercury than fin fish and are also a great source of vitamin B12. This important nutrient plays a key role in producing red blood cells and is responsible for maintaining your nervous system by creating a protective barrier around the nerves. When consumed and absorbed properly, B vitamins can help reduce anxiety and improve short term memory too. Add this tasty shellfish to your diet and instead of asking your spouse where you left your cell phone, you may be able to recall that information on your own.CrabmeatAre you wondering which crabs will pack the biggest punch? Well, the larger decapods like the Alaskan King have higher amounts of vitamins and minerals per serving, but you won’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. If you prefer the sweet taste and flaky texture of our Florida Stones, you will still get all the necessary nutrients that you would have from eating their larger relatives. The best way to determine how much crab you should be consuming is by following the latest nutritional guidelines which recommend eating at least two servings of fish a week. To get the best results for your body and your mind, eat them broiled or steamed. Combining this delicious seafood delicacy with other foods rich in vitamins like asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, and spinach or in a salad could increase your chances of being even more alert and productive.

You might be tempted to skip a meal and take supplements instead, but studies show getting vitamins and minerals from food sources is better because of the additional nutrients they contain.  As with any health benefits that come from improving your diet, it will take some time to see the long term effects, but if you start today, you’re one step closer to remembering to grab your coffee cup off the roof of your car before you drive off down the road! Whether you dine at our restaurant or visit our seafood market, you can enjoy all the health benefits of eating one of your favorite critters of the sea. Take a look at our lunch and dinner menus and don’t forget to call ahead for All You Can Eat Crabs!

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