Discover The World’s Most Popular Seafood

seafoodWe can’t talk about seafood without mentioning the fleshy, robust king of the deep! Tuna is one of the most popular seafood dishes in the world. Pew research estimates that over four million tons of tuna are harvested every year. From its size and diet, to the health benefits it provides, and the type of wine to enjoy with our favorite dish, these fascinating fish will have you hooked!


This mammoth among mackerels is built for speed. In the open water, the Yellow Fin tuna has been clocked up to 47 miles per hour! In fact, it’s one of the fastest fish in the sea. Some species of tuna can grow to be 15 feet in length, weigh over 1,500 pounds, and live to 50 years of age. Tunas spend their time in the pelagic zone, better known as the open sea in depths up to 6.8 miles below the surface of the ocean. Their diet consists mostly of small fish and squid, but they will also eat crustaceans when available. Like a prize fighter before a weigh-in, tunas watch their portion size. Despite how large they grow, scientists have found that their average stomach content makes up about three percent of their body weight.


Photo by InvernoDreaming

Health Benefits

Although there is some concern over mercury levels in big game fish, research suggests that tuna with a higher fat content may contain less mercury. The wild tuna, like the kind we serve in the restaurant, is naturally higher in fat than farm raised tuna making it a healthier choice. In addition, this tantalizing seafood is high in omega-3 fatty acids which help lower triglycerides, and according to preliminary research may protect against depression and memory loss. Tuna is also a great source of vitamin B 12 which helps maintain a healthy nervous system; vitamin D an essential nutrient that allows the body to absorb other vitamins and minerals; and iron, a necessary mineral that the body needs to make red blood cells.

Food Pairing

Here at the restaurant we have two spectacular tuna dishes. For lunch we prepare our Sesame Seared Tuna salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and onions. On our dinner menu you will find the Sesame Seared Tuna appetizer.  As a flavorful seafood dish, choosing the right wine doesn’t always require you to base your decision on the fish itself. You’ll want to consider all the flavors involved in the dish. The Seared tuna appetizer calls for rosé and the Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue is the perfect one! The hints of ripe cherries, raspberries, fennel, and black olive play up the flavors of the fish without interfering with the sesame crust. For the Sesame Seared Tuna Salad, we suggest Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay. The crushed stone and pineapple flavors coax the taste of the sesame seeds to the surface and balance out the onion and tomatoes for a well-rounded dish.

The next time you dine at our restaurant, take your taste buds on an adventure and try our tender Sesame Seared Tuna! It might become one of your favorite seafood dishes!

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