dynomite-rollThis season Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant and Market added SUSHI to the menu.  With a variety of delicious rolls to choose from, we are offering great sushi options to enjoy.  From our signature Billy’s Stone Crab Roll (salmon, Stone Crab Claw meat and asparagus – tempura style), to our very delicious sashimi, we aim to bring nothing less than the finest quality to our guests.  Now, if you have never tried sushi before, here are a few items you will enjoy.  We recommend the Dynamite Roll – baked seafood, mayo with masago, or the Volcano Roll- cream cheese, crab and asparagus, topped with avocado & baked seafood.  We also have traditional sushi rolls, such as the familiar and well liked by all – the California Roll.

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Our top seller, Billy’s Stone Crab Roll, is made with tempura wild Norwegian salmon, steamed asparagus, topped with fresh avocado and our famous fresh stone crab meat.  The Dragon Roll is made with tempura shrimp, fresh avocado, scallion and rice rolled in seaweed.  The Spicy tuna roll is made with yellow fin tuna, also known as Saku tuna, Sriracha hot sauce and scallions.  We also offer a variety of Sashimi. Other Billy’s favorites include the Dancing Eel (California Roll with Eel on top), Lava Drop (cream cheese with mixed crab tempura), Dragon Roll Inside/out Masago (Tempura shrimp, masago, scallion with avocado on top). These are only a few of scrumptious sushi items we have mentioned from Billy’s Sushi Menu.
Premium selections of sake are available to accompany any of your sushi choices.

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